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Bioinformatics Core

Bioinformatics Core (BIC) - The Bioinformatics Core is a combined informatics and bioinformatics core. Its primarily responsibilities are two-fold. The UCSD component of the BIC focuses primarily on data management, which includes target tracking and management through the pipeline, acquiring and storing data and related information from other Cores, and disseminating the information via web interfaces to all program participants and to the public. The Sanford-Burnham sub-Core of the BIC maintains bioinformatics components consisting of target selection, modeling for MR, and functional annotation. The BIC is responsible for target selection, sample tracking; information management, structure validation and deposition, and post-structural analysis. BIC coordinates with the other Cores to track and prepare summary reports of the progress of the program and publications. Adam Godzik of the BIC is an integral member of the BIG that advises the PSI-2 SSTS on target selection.
Core Contact

Adam Godzik, Core Leader, adam@burnham.org .
Bioinformatics Core
John Wooley Core Project Director jwooley@ucsd.edu (858) 822-3630
Adam Godzik Core Leader adam@sanfordburnham.org (858) 646-3168
Lukasz Jaroszewski Target Selection Manager lukasz@sanfordburnham.org (858) 646-3100 ext 3887
Yuanyuan Chang Postdoctoral Associate ychang@sanfordburnham.org (858) 646-3100 ext 4126
Lian Duan Database Programmer lduan@sdsc.edu (858) 822-5454
Andrew Morse Database Lead amorse@sdsc.edu (858) 822-3640
Mayya Sedova Project Programmer msedova@sanfordburnham.org (858) 646-3100 ext 4178
Anna Sheydina Postdoctoral Associate asheydina@sanfordburnham.org (858) 646-3100 ext 4246
Josephine Medina Administrative Assistant jalaoen@ucsd.edu (858) 822-0885

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