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Structure Determination Core

Structure Determination Core (SDC) - The Structure Determination Core (SDC) receives crystal shipments from the CC and is responsible for finding solutions to enable high-throughput crystal structure determination. Their role includes hardware and software developments at the beamline. Robotic hardware developments enable us to store and manage the large number of crystal samples required to solve > 150 structures/year, and enables faster sample turn-around at the beamlines. Software systems developed at SDC are used for data processing and automated structure refinement.
Core Contact

Ashley Deacon, Core Leader, adeacon@slac.stanford.edu.
Structure Determination Core
Keith Hodgson Core Project Director hodgsonk@stanford.edu (650) 926-3153
Ashley Deacon Core Leader adeacon@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-5108
Hsiu-Ju Chiu Pipeline Manager chiu@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-4946
Herb Axelrod Scientist haxelrod@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-4986
Debanu Das Scientist debanu@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-3162
Abhinav Kumar Scientist abhinavk@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-2992
Christine Trame Beamline Scientist cbtrame@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-5596
Qingping Xu Scientist qxu@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-2586
Henry van den Bedem Scientist vdbedem@slac.stanford.edu (650) 926-2314

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