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ZP_02995359.1    SP2003J            JCSG 410412 Proposed Target 09-NOV-12

Protein Sequence Information

JCSG Internal annotations

DESCRIPTIONgi|187778886|ref|ZP_02995359.1| hypothetical protein CLOSPO_02481 [Clostridium s
porogenes ATCC 15579]
DR GenBank;
DR Pfam; PF01391; Collagen;
DR PDB; 3HQV; Highly similar; 14-JUL-09; COLLAGEN ALPHA-1(I) CHAIN;
DR PDB; 3HR2; Highly similar; 14-JUL-09; COLLAGEN ALPHA-1(I) CHAIN;
DR FFAS; 410412; Fold and function assignment.
DR TVPC; ZP_02995359.1; Homologs in PDB, JCSG and SG center.
DR OVP; SP2003J; Ortholog view popup.
DR TPM; ZP_02995359.1; Target PDB monitor.
DR FSS; ZP_02995359.1; Target function coverage.
PROPERTY Residues: 281 aa
Molecule Weight: 28357.75 Dalton
Isoelectric Point: 10.68
Extinction Coefficient: 10430
Gravy Index: -.09
Number of Met residues: 2
Percentage of Met residues: 0.71 %
Number of Cys residues: 6
Percentage of Cys residues: 2.14 %
SEQUENCE  amino acids 281 aa
>ZP_02995359.1  gi|187778886|ref|ZP_02995359.1| hypothetical protein CLOSPO_02481 [Clostridium sporogenes ATCC 15579

CDS  cDNA 846 bp
   1 gtgatttact tgaataatag atgtaaaata tgcataccat gttgtggtag atgcacctgc    60
  61 cctagaggtg caactggacc tactgggcct agaggttcta gaggtgtaac tggccctagg   120
 121 ggcgctactg gctctagagg tattactggt actagaggtg taactggacc tagaggtatt   180
 181 actggtacta gaggtattac tggacctaga ggtgtaactg gacctagagg tattactggt   240
 241 actagaggta ttactggacc tagaggtgta actggaccta gaggtgtaac tggtactaga   300
 301 ggtgtaactg gtactagagg tattactgga cctactggac ctagaggtgt aactggtact   360
 361 agaggtatta ctggacctac tggacctaga ggtgtaactg gtactactgg tcctagccaa   420
 421 cttggaacca tatatgttta tagagacctt acagatgtgt tggtagttgg cactaatgaa   480
 481 gctatatcat atgataaggt tggtccaata aatcctccat ccctatatac ctttactcct   540
 541 ccaagcactg atataactat aaatgaaaca gggctgtata ggatatctta tactgcatta   600
 601 accacatcat ccaatggaat aactgaggtt ttcataggtg gtgttcctgt accaggttct   660
 661 gctcaaaaat cacctggtaa caatgaaata gtaggaatag tagatgctca agtaacaacc   720
 721 gctccagctg tccttcaaat tagaaatgtg gacacccaaa atttaactat ttccgcagcc   780
 781 actactatac ctggaactac aataactact gtaccagcgt cagttgctat tcttaagata   840
 841 atgtaa   846
Warning: the change of start codon from ATG/M to GTG/V;
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The start codon is a ATG/Methionine in most of sequences, but the GTG/V, TTG/L, CTG/I can be the start codons in some cases as expressing in E.coli. The start codon warning is labelled by RED color in sequence(sample: 10174951).

Protein sequence information contains the annotation contents from both of JCSG and SWISS-PROT. The SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL annotation is accessed from SWALL(SPTR) on the EBI SRS server. PDB homologes show both identical and highly similar proteins with released date and protein function.

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