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YP_193100.1    SP2008M            JCSG 418649 Protein Purification 13-JUN-13

Protein Sequence Information

JCSG Internal annotations

DESCRIPTIONgi|58336515|ref|YP_193100.1| hypothetical protein LBA0168 [Lactobacillus acidoph
ilus NCFM]
ORGANISMLactobacillus acidophilus NCFM
DR GenBank;
DR FFAS; 411825; Fold and function assignment.
DR TVPC; YP_193100.1; Homologs in PDB, JCSG and SG center.
DR OVP; SP2008M; Ortholog view popup.
DR TPM; YP_193100.1; Target PDB monitor.
DR FSS; YP_193100.1; Target function coverage.
PROPERTY Residues: 149 aa
Molecule Weight: 15554.92 Dalton
Isoelectric Point: 4.65
Extinction Coefficient: 8480
Gravy Index: -1.41
Number of Met residues: 2
Percentage of Met residues: 1.34 %
Number of Cys residues: 0
Percentage of Cys residues: 0.00 %
SEQUENCE  amino acids 149 aa
>YP_193100.1  gi|58336515|ref|YP_193100.1| hypothetical protein LBA0168 [Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM]

CDS  cDNA 450 bp
   1 atgaagaaat tagtcttttg gggtgtaatt gcagctatgt ttattctagg tggaggtggc    60
  61 gctggcgctt atattagcca caccaacgca gtttctcaca ataattctac ctataataag   120
 121 tcaaacaata ataatggtaa gccagttaag tctggccaat ctgatgacaa aaacagtagt   180
 181 agtaataagg aagataatca atctgataat tccagctcgg acaagtcatc aagttccagc   240
 241 tcatcagaca aagatgctaa aaacgctagc tcaagcagtg acgacaagga taagaattct   300
 301 tccgacgatc aatcttcatc agacaagtct caagatgatc aatcaagtga agatcaatca   360
 361 agtagcactt ctaccagcca cgagcaatca actcaatctt ctactgaaca agaacaatct   420
 421 agttctgcag cctcaacttc aaatgaataa   450
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The start codon is a ATG/Methionine in most of sequences, but the GTG/V, TTG/L, CTG/I can be the start codons in some cases as expressing in E.coli. The start codon warning is labelled by RED color in sequence(sample: 10174951).

Protein sequence information contains the annotation contents from both of JCSG and SWISS-PROT. The SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL annotation is accessed from SWALL(SPTR) on the EBI SRS server. PDB homologes show both identical and highly similar proteins with released date and protein function.

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