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TM0008    TM0008            JCSG 281889 Screening 04-JUL-08

Protein Sequence Information

JCSG Internal annotations

DESCRIPTIONPutative cyclase / Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase
ORGANISMThermotoga maritima
COMMENTMembers of this protein family (Pfam: PF04199; putative cyclase)
belonging to bacteria have been annotated as either cyclases or
predicted metal-dependent hydrolases.

A protein in PDB (1R61) solved by MCSG has a FFAS score of -84.1.
That protein from Bacillus stearothermophilus has been annotated
as a predicted metal-dependent hydrolase.

JCSG annotation is produced by The Joint Center for Structural Genomics.
Swiss-prot annotation:
Hypothetical protein TM0008.
DR SPTR; Q9WXM3 (flat text); Q9WXM3 (good view)
DR GenBank; AAD35102
DR Pfam; PF04199; Cyclase;
DR Interpro; IPR007325; Cyclase;
DR FFAS; 281889; Fold and function assignment.
DR TVPC; TM0008; Homologs in PDB, JCSG and SG center.
DR OVP; TM0008; Ortholog view popup.
DR TPM; TM0008; Target PDB monitor.
DR FSS; TM0008; Target function coverage.
PROPERTY Residues: 224 aa
Molecule Weight: 25923.64 Dalton
Isoelectric Point: 5.37
Extinction Coefficient: 22920
Gravy Index: -.22
Number of Met residues: 8
Percentage of Met residues: 3.57 %
Number of Cys residues: 1
Percentage of Cys residues: 0.45 %
SEQUENCE  amino acids 224 aa
>TM0008  TM0008 conserved hypothetical protein

CDS  cDNA 672 bp
   1 gtgttcatag aattatctta tcctatagaa gagagaatgt tgacctatcc ggacaacccg    60
  61 ccagactatt ttgagccgaa aagcagaata gaacagggag acgccgccaa cacgatgatg   120
 121 attcatcatt tctcgcacac gggtacacac gtggacgccc cctaccattt ttgtgaagag   180
 181 ggctggacat tggatcagat acctcttgaa tacttcattt ttgaaaaacc cctgctcgtg   240
 241 gacagggaga agaaaccaat ggaactcttc accatcgaag atatcgaaga actggatctg   300
 301 aatggtgtgg atcttctcat gttcagatcg ggttttgcga agttgagaag aacagatcct   360
 361 gcaacctaca ggtacatgtt ccccggcatt tcaaaagagt tggctcgttt tctgagggaa   420
 421 tctgtcctct ctctcaaagc ggtcatgctc gattttctca gtgccgatcc catcgtgttg   480
 481 ggtgaaaaag aaaactaccc cgcgcacaga tggcttttgt cgaagaaatt cagcagcaaa   540
 541 agacctatca tcatattcga agatgtgaat ttagaacccg tcgctggaaa gaagataaaa   600
 601 cgtgtgatcg ctcttccttt gagattcaag gggctggacg gtggacccgt cagcgttctg   660
 661 gcagaggtgg aa   672
Warning: the change of start codon from ATG/M to GTG/V;
Target constructs
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Chemical properties of sequence with tag
7495 8169 1 Glimmer3 score 9.95 poor
Genemark probabilities .89   .41 good
GenemarkHMM class 1 good


The start codon is a ATG/Methionine in most of sequences, but the GTG/V, TTG/L, CTG/I can be the start codons in some cases as expressing in E.coli. The start codon warning is labelled by RED color in sequence(sample: 10174951).

Protein sequence information contains the annotation contents from both of JCSG and SWISS-PROT. The SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL annotation is accessed from SWALL(SPTR) on the EBI SRS server. PDB homologes show both identical and highly similar proteins with released date and protein function.

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